Friday, October 14, 2011

Weigh in and Surgery day!

Weight 268
Total Loss for the week 6 lbs :)

Well the day is finally here.... It is time to get ready and head to the hospital!
I didn't sleep well last night but that is because I was so excited!
My mom slept over last night since she is taking me to the hospital this morning, and as I was going to bed I just kept thanking my mom for paying for the surgery and I started to cry a little bit! I am so grateful for her!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and will check in tomorrow!


  1. You will be in my thoughts all day today!
    I am so happy for you! Good Luck!

  2. You'll be in my thoughts today! Welcome to your new adventure!

    Remember drink lots of fluids, don't worry about eating you won't feel much like it at all, and walk. The worst pain for me was the gas pains in my shoulder!

  3. That is a wonderful mom you have! Good luck with the surgery! Things are going to go great!

  4. I just wanted to pop in and wish you well. Check in when you can.

  5. Good luck today! here's to an easy surgery and recover!

  6. Great job on your loss first off and good luck with surgery!!!!

  7. Fingers crossed !! You'll be great !