Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

  1. I just realized that I am a super bad blogger... I haven't blogged in about a month. Shame on me, I don't have a good excuse. 
  2. My business trip to Atlanta went really well. I found out they are planning on promoting me in the next few months!! That totally made my day!
  3. I wish I was in Chicago right now with everyone...I hope you all have a total blast.
  4. I will be in Chicago in December for work, that should be fun. Although it does sound a bit cold.
  5. I start studying for the CPA exam in a few weeks... I plan on passing all 4 sections the first time around.
  6. I can not believe my year anniversary is in just a few weeks... I wish my stats were better, but I know its a ongoing process. One day at a time.
  7. Next week I am going to see Gotye live!! I can not wait!
  8. Halloween is just around the corner, I am going to Halloween Horror nights in a few weeks. Man I still need to figure out what to be for Halloween. This is the first year I am actually looking forward to dressing up!
  9. I am trying to come up with some fun date ideas... any suggestions? I am kind of bored with dinner, movies, and bowling.
  10. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The band and flying...

So next week is going to be my first time on an airplane since surgery last year...

Have any of you experienced problems while flying?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

  1. Now that I am offically done with school... I do not know what to do with myself... how messed up is that.
  2. I start my CPA license on October 16th...While I know its going to be a grueling few months... I know it will be worth it in the end.
  3. I absolutely love my personal trainer, he constantly pushes me to new levels. I am seeing more results in inches than in pounds and I am ok with that.
  4.  I can not wait till College football starts next weekend. Hopefully the Gators will be a little better this year... fingers crossed.
  5. Why do people that you used to date, think they can call you out of the blue for a booty call. No I do not want to do that with you... I havent talked to you in a over a year...geesh.
  6. I am getting a fill today... I do not know why I am so excited by that.
  7. I can not wait for my fall programs to start...there is nothing good to watch in the summer
  8. Anyone from the GA area want to meet up on September 4th or 5th let me know, i will be up that way for a business trip.
Ok thats all I have for now. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Frustration... and a fill.

So in less than 2 weeks, I am heading out of town for an important business trip... and I need to buy a new suit cause the one I have is entirely too big on me and I do not want to look like a total frump in front of all the partners. But for some reason I can not seem to find a suit that does not cost an arm and a leg and that actually looks good on me.... GRRRRRRRRRR! I have been to Macy's, JC Penny, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of places to go?

I am currently in a regular size 16 or a 14 plus.

I really want to make a good impression when I head to Atlanta.

I am going to get a fill tomorrow, I haven't had one in about 8 months, so I am actually looking forward to it.

Hope everyone is having a great hump day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey guys!! I am back!!

Sorry I have been missing in action for the past month.

Life has been super busy, but everything has been great!

I absolutely love the new job! Yesterday was my one month anniversary here. I have gotten praise multiple times, I come home from work happy. Life is good. Wednesday I ran my first variance meeting by myself, the partners were impressed with me :) Next month I am going to Atlanta for two days, so that should be interesting.

Speaking of the new job, starting September 4th they are doing a biggest loser competition. The are doing teams and individuals. The individual with the most percentage lost will win 500 dollars, they are also doing teams as well. I think its exactly what I need to get me into the next level.

Working out with the trainer has been awesome, but I really need to be better about going to the gym, when I don't have training.

Also getting a fill next week, so I am looking forward to that. It has been about 8 months since my last fill.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Weigh in Day and closing a chapter...

Start Weight : 277
Previous Weight: 227.4
Current Weight: 224.4
Loss for Week: 3 lbs
Total Loss: 52.6 lbs!!

Haven't seen a loss like that in a really long time!!! YAY for working out!!

So their are two of us that are leaving my old job today... yesterday they threw a going away party for both of us... we both also happened to be named Jessica. Anyway, the party was completely about her... no biggie... however what pissed me off the most is that they gave her today off... and I am here... meanwhile she doesn't start her new job till October, and I start my new job on Monday... I am so sick of the favoritism that they play... I am soo happy today is my last day. 3 can not get here fast enough.

On that note... I hope everyone has a great day!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

  1. Tomorrow is my last day at my old job!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!! I have already mentally checked out... about the day I gave my notice two weeks ago... but I am trying to wrap up all of my audits...doesn't look like its going to happen.
  2. Monday is my first day at my new job!! I am very excited, especially since I have my own office!!! It has been a long time since that has happened!
  3. Cant believe i enjoyed shopping last night...that normally doesn't happen. I am all set in the clothes department for now...just need some new make up and I am good to go!
  4. Next Wednesday, I have a huge meeting in Miami with the big wigs at my new company.... they are taking me out to dinner afterwards to get to know me... lord please don't let me get stuck... that would be so embarrassing.
  5. I am going to the gym tonight and I am totally looking forward to it... I think I am going to try and do an hour of cardio.
  6. Last Friday was our first monthly game night  at our house... man it was epic we had 16 people over for board games... was so much fun, got a little out of control though..cant wait to do it again!!
  7. I am really looking forward to going bowling tomorrow. My roommate, boyfriend and I and a few other people go every Friday... I never win, but I still have a great time.
  8. Getting my hair done this weekend!!! Will have to post some updated pics.
  9. Is it Friday yet?? I don't want to be here anymore.
  10. Loving my new roommate... he is awesome!! I think he is the best roommate I have ever had... Cant believe i don't talk to my old roommate... so much for being besties.