Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten things Thursday

  1. I have a huge test tomorrow and I have not studied for it
  2. I should be studying instead of blogging. It is so hard to get motivated while at home... Oopsie
  3. I am so grateful that I stumbled across this amazing support network... I love you all!
  4. Gas pain is by far the worst pain I have ever felt in my life... does it ever go away?
  5. I am really looking forward to Boobs even though its so far away LOL. I have loved every minute of getting to know Stephanie that I cant wait to meet everyone else!
  6. I love how some things fall apart so better things can fall into place!
  7. I just found out a coworker put in his notice :( It will be sad to see him go but the new opportunity is going to be amazing!
  8. It has been nice to just relax this past week, but I am going stir crazy.
  9. I spend entirely too much time on Face book.
  10. I have turned into a major scale whore since surgery... I should really limit myself to once a week... twice at max instead of everyday LOL.


  1. I promise the gas pain does go away. I had the pain in my shoulder only. I swear I thought I was going to be like that permanently! lol(I'm not)

    I too, am so thankful for all the BOOBS. There is a definite special bond.

    You are doing good.....maybe stay off the scales a little. lol :)

  2. It too shall pass! No pun intended!!!!

  3. I thought the pain would never go!! But it does!!

    I get on the scale way to much myself!

  4. No use trying to limit the scale activity. I still get on it every day, almost everyone does! lol