Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ten Things Thursday!

  1. I had a false alarm yesterday. I woke up with my port site all red and swollen, I went to the doc and luckily nothing is wrong. Thank god.
  2. The scale is still moving in the wrong direction :( I think it is because TOM is due. Well I hope that's it at least.
  3. Today is my first support group meeting. I am kinda looking forward to it and kind of nervous at the same time. I am sometimes shy at first.
  4. Looks like my roommate and I might be parting ways in May of next year. I am kinda said about it. She is my best friend but needs to move further north and I work south :( time to start looking for a new roommate.
  5. I have three classes left to graduate with my accounting degree. Two of them are only offered at the same time so I can either pray my boss will let me take a day class or it looks like graduation is now pushed back to August.
  6. I am not in the best moods today.
  7. I am debating if I should go out this weekend, or just stay home. I love dressing up, but I am still not feeling 100 percent.
  8. I am actually looking forward to hanging out with my mom Friday.
  9. I am really looking forward to going to solid food on Saturday!
  10. Is it Friday yet?


  1. I am glad that it was a false alarm. I am also glad that you are feeling better.

    Sad about the room mate, but sometimes new faces and changes are for the good! So try to look to the excitement of someone new.

    Have a great weekend and be careful when moving to solids :) Listen to your body and band.

  2. I am with Kristin listen to you body! Glad there is no infection!!

  3. Glad to hear your incision site is okay and no infection. Take solid foods slow and experiment what goes down well and not as well. Eat slow, and chew like crazy!

  4. I'm glad it was a false alarm! One of the things I forgot to mention earlier as far as solid but mushy food was eggs. I ate a LOT of eggs when I was healing. Some bandsters have trouble with them, but they work really well for me - hard boiled, scrambled with a bit of cottage cheese (yum!) poached...they were all good. Also, I made a very tasty noodle-less lasagna with lowfat ricotta cheese, an egg, and a sprinkle of mozzarella mixed together and topped with tomato sauce and baked.