Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Totally slacking...

So I do not know what has gotten into me lately. I have become a total slacker which is so not like me...

School has started a little less than a month ago and I have not done shit... During class I zone out and play on facebook, or read blogs, or play games on my phone. Today for instance I read Ronnie's entire blog, instead of paying attention and I have a test in this class next week.

I was supposed to start my pre op diet on Monday.. I lasted a whole day before I started eating like shit again... Yesterday and Today I had McDonald's for dinner, and I drank a lot of alcohol last night at the Incubus concert... Why am I  paying all of this money if I can not even eat right for 3 weeks.... blah.

Work... bleh been slacking there too... I work for half the day and fuck around for the other half of the day... Not good, cause deadlines are in 3 weeks and then I am taking a week off next month for surgery.... ACK!

Home...been slacking there too... My house is a hot mess... in fact I think my toilet is probably worse than Drazil's.

I need to hit the reset button or something... Cause I usually don't slack on all aspects of my life..


  1. Just pick yourself up and try again... you can do it!!

  2. Focus! Why you want this to work? Write down all the reasons that you need to do this? You really have to be on the correct mind front or you will have a really tough road ahead!

    If we can help let us know! We all get into these types of moods, it is just about not letting them take root and control that is key.

    You can get back in gear, You WANT this remember? Good Luck!

  3. Just remember it will be worth it. No matter how hard it gets, or is to start with, none of us want to be where we started. I know you can do it. Remember you are SO worth it. x