Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things Thursday!

  1. I took my first test of the semester yesterday and somehow I managed to get a 103% on it. I do not know how that is possible but I will take it!
  2. My surgery is in 2 weeks and one day... I am super excited but really nervous all at the same time!
  3. I took my pre op blood tests this morning, I hate having blood tests as they can never get the vein the first time around... I am a walking bruise at the moment.
  4. I am not doing well on my pre op diet and I am truly frustrated. I am an over achiever and I am getting really upset that I am not loosing that much weight. Part of it is I am a stress eater... and the past few weeks have been really stressful.
  5. Last weekend I broke up with my boyfriend...It was the first time I ever broke up with anyone and that truly sucked. But it was for the best.
  6. I have always hated drinking wine but I am now a fan of Moscato! Its yummy
  7. I have to write a paper this weekend for my Fraud class and I am not looking forward to it. I am not a very good writer, give me math or science any day instead please.
  8. Deadlines have been accomplished at work... So I can relax for a quick minute... LOL too bad I have a ton of stuff to do before I take a week off to recover.
  9. I have seen two concerts this month, and did not feel guilty about missing school. I am really excited to see the Script and 311 next. I am a total concert junkie, it is my drug of choice.
  10. I wish I was in Chicago with everyone... But I will totally be there next year... Please take lots of pics and have a drink for me :)


  1. I'm really hoping that wasn't a math test... Otherwise you might need to have a talk with the Prof.

  2. Hang in there with the liquid diet it takes time before you will see the loss

  3. The pre-op diet (to me) was the toughest part of this whole journey and my doc's rules were not even hard ... you'll get thru it !

  4. LOVES me some moscato. It's the best. :)