Friday, September 30, 2011

BYOC-CS our Delish Drazil is probably en route to Chicago with her BFF Jen right now.  I am certain they are having a ball on their trip discussing all the fun with all the other Boobs event attendees this weekend.  Lucky biotches.  :)

So, while Draz is away, we still must have our BYOC but we'll do it Cat Style (that's what the extra CS is for /nod)

So it's Friday and BYOC (CS) is a way for us to get to know each other and let us support one another while all our other Boobs gals are heading to Chicago.  We'll be there next year ladies *virtual high five*

1.) In honor of the Boobs Event this weekend, tell us about your favorite US City.  This could be someplace you have traveled, or read about, seen on TV etc.  Maybe it's the city you live in.  Tell us about the city and what makes it special to you!
Recently I made a trip to Portland and Seattle... I loved it. The west coast was a totally different vibe than what I am used to here in FL. I loved the mountains, and the people... It was great!

2.) Do you have a celebrity list?  You know, that list of top 5 or whatever celebs that should you meet them you and your partner have agreed it's ok to go all the way with?  If so, who is your number 1?
Yes I have a list... It is actually pretty long... hahaha but on the top of the list is Ryan Gossling. Have you seen his abs..... DROOL just thinking about him.

3.) Do you like watching sports on TV?  With the start of football season, Hockey season starting next week and Baseball hitting the Playoffs, I'm just curious if you like sports and who is your favorite team?
I am a die hard College football fan... I love love love love the GATORS!! Funny thing is when I lived in Gainesville and went to UF I actually hated football. Now that I am gone I watch it every weekend.

I also love Hockey but I hate watching it on TV. I have to go to the games in order to like it. I used to have season tickets but now I just go when I can.

4.) What has surprised you most about your weight loss journey?  What has been a cool NSV or surprising comment someone made to you?
Last time I lost weight it was the change in confidence and feeling sexy.

This time around... Well not sure yet cause surgery is in two weeks so I will get back to you on that.

5.) Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.
Real life has been stressful.  My boyfriend and I broke up last weekend... He started texting me again today and its driving me crazy. Deadlines were this week, but they are finally over... YAY!
I also have a huge test in my Accounting Theory 3 class.. I some how managed to get a 103!!! So I am super excited. Friend from NY is visiting for the weekend, so at least its time to have some fun.. all while studying for another test and writing a paper LOL

Blog Land has been all about BOOBS... I can not wait to hear about everyones time out there. In the meantime I hope the people that didnt go will post!


  1. Well I could have sworn I already commented on your post but I guess not.

    Well what do you know....Georgia vs. Florida here! lol(Go Dawgs..of course things haven't been looking so great...expecially for Richt)

    Anyways, I wish you the best in 13 days!(and after)

  2. Ryan Gosling is NOT ugly, that is for darn sure!