Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half way there!!!!!!

Just got home from having my stress test done and chest x ray taken.... man that was not fun at all... I was huffing and puffing like a 90 yr old woman!!

Also finished my pysch evaluation... woo hooo! I am not crazy LOL

Just some blood testing and education stuff to go and I am already for surgery! 23 days left, I am sooooooo excited!

Took the day off, so its time to relax and get ready for Incubus tonight!

Hope everyone is having a good day :)


  1. At least you don't have to do a sleep study. That was the worst night of my LIFE. lol

    Glad you got all the bad stuff over with.

  2. Ronnie I so agree the sleep study sucked! LOL

    Glad you are well on the road to the new YOU!

  3. It will be here before you know it!!