Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Receipe Question

So I absolutely love to cook!

However, I am one of those people that have to follow a recipe for the most part LOL...

Most of the recipes I have are not very healthy... So I was wondering, where do you get your recipes from?



    it is my favorite magazine in the world and the online recipes are just as good as the magazines.

    I've really been enjoying Cooking Light again recently too.

  2. I'm glad Amanda has an answer you'll probably like. Better than my, "Hell if I know!" LOL

  3. I love to cook, and there are so many great places to get recipes from. has great recipes that are healthy as well as! You can make most recipes healthy by eliminating or altering fattening ingredients.

  4. I mostly throw things in a pot until it seems like it might be good. Organized? No. But the stuff I cook usually comes out pretty good. Sometimes not good, but usually pretty good. I love Alton Brown. He's all about the science of food and he taught me how to combine flavors in ways that work well.