Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cutting Class, Concerts and Smoking!

Well Tuesday was supposed to be the day that I quit smoking…. It didn’t quite happen like that but its all good. I received some news that sent me into complete and total shock, so a cigarette and lots of alcohol was required. I also left class early since I couldn’t concentrate. Good news is I have not had a cig in 17 hours… I am still very cranky… my heart is racing and I feel like I am ready to jump out of my skin, I am very on edge and my favorite line is I feel like I could punch a baby. I never realized how bad this was going to be, its like I am addicted to crack or something… actually I think it feels worse (Never done Crack for the record).

So last night I decided to skip class again… I know shame on me. I decided to go to the Rock Allegiance Tour instead and it was totally worth it. I missed Drive A, Crossfade and Red. But I did ge to See POD, Puddle of Mudd, Buckcherry and Papa Roach! Thank to my roomie for letting me crash her date!!!!!!! This weekend is going to completely stink, since I will be catching up on school work!! But again it was totally worth it!

Next concert is 9/20! Incubus is coming to town! (Did I mention I am a total concert junkie! LOL) It has been a while since a good concert came to town! No wonder I am skipping class all over the place I just realized it has been two years since my last concert... ACK!

Anyway... just over a month to surgery time!!! Life is good :)

I love me some Papa Roach!!!  The pics are from last nights show!


  1. I loooove Puddle of Mudd. Super jealous!

    Proud of you for sticking with it, hon!