Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not a happy camper

So I am all excited because I have three classes left and I was going to graduate in May of next year! Then I was going to take a month off and start my CPA review class.. I had this all mapped out and by February of 2013 I was going to be a licensed CPA.

So the spring schedule came out since its time to register for classes in two weeks and low and behold 2 of the 3 classes I need are being offered at the same time. WTF?! I have two options… 1 take a day class and miss a half a day of work, my boss didn’t like that too much as it also happens to be our busiest season, or wait to take the class in the summer. So I looked at last years summer schedule, and the class was only offered on a Tuesday last year which happens to be the same time as my CPA review class…. Nothing is going right since FAU made massive budget cuts.

My hardest class is only offered online now, and the other one is a web lecture. I don’t like either one of those. BLAH this sucks!

On a happier note, the scale is finally moving in the right direction. I think its odd that the scale showed a low number after a day where I have eaten the most calories since surgery… go figure!


  1. I so hate when school does this. It happened to me as well, when I went to take my coding classes, so I have to wait til spring!

    Set backs, but doable!

    You have to EAT to LOSE! It sounds crazy but it is so true. If you eat too little calories your body goes into starvation mode. I try to eat at the high end of my calorie alotment, I tend to lose better when I do!

  2. I am VERY FIRM believer that everything happens for a reason. (I used to think it was cliche BS but every time it proves true.) You are now juggling at least 2 major life journeys (that I know of, lol) between finishing school and starting LapBand --- you got big things going on. Maybe this is just pacing you to be able to give proper attention to all the irons you have in the fire.

    Remember, we make plans and God laughs. :) Hang tough!!

  3. Got to agree with AJ, there is a reason this happened. Also - it's unfortunate that you won't be on track with your original plan, but this is the time when you embrace the new plan and just rock it out.

  4. I'm glad the scale's moving in the right direction, and I really hope that all the school stuff works out for you! I was just wondering, seeing as we're pretty much band twins, how many calories on average you're getting at the moment? I wondered if my lack of weight loss at the moment was due to lack of calories, especially as you seemed to lose once you upped your calories a bit. x

  5. Damnit man, I hate when I have a plan all in place and then things change. :(

    Btw, I haven't dyed my hair... except that last time. But I'm about to dye it back to my natural color, my roots are an inch long at least. Eek!

  6. That sucks donkey balls. Big green ones! Dammit.

  7. That sucks!!! I had to take a lot of online classes because of my work schedule. They are a little harder, but at least you get them done. I hate it when my plans get ruined so I know how you feel! :(

  8. My weight loss sped way up after surgery when I got my calories around 1400. That sucks about school, but you'll get there!