Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 things Thursday!

  1. I am not feeling well, but I am out of sick time so I have to tough it out at work… BAH HUMBUG!
  2. I emailed the school of accounting trying to get another section offered next semester, I had other people email them as well. I really hope this works. I am going to graduate next semester if it kills me, even if I have to take a class at another damn school.
  3. Saturday I start a full diet, I am so excited. I have a million and one recipes that I am dying to try. I also hope that since I will be eating more consistently the scale will finally start to move!
  4. My x boyfriend is going to be in FL for two months during January and February and wants to see me…. I haven’t decided if this is a bad idea or not. I have not seen him since we broke up.
  5. I am supposed to get my first fill in two weeks I really hope they give me one.
  6. My mom is the best, but she drives me insane. She had the lap band 4 years ago, and is constantly telling me what to do. She thinks 1200 calories is too high and I should eat way less… meanwhile the scale didn’t move an inch when I was eating less than that. Why wont she understand that our journeys are not the same, nor will they ever.
  7. My boyfriend will be here in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to see him, I still don’t understand why I got involved in yet another long distance relationship… thank god he is moving back to fla in a few months.
  8. I have a research paper to write and I am not looking forward to it. I would rather get a root canal. Anyone want to write it for me? Its on Bankruptcy fraud… Oh what fun!
  9. I can not wait to work out again! For now I am just going to walk.
  10. Hope everyone has a happy Thursday! Thank god tomorrow is Friday!


  1. You have to EAT to lose, just keep reminding yourself that. Stick to what works for you, and know she only loves you and wants your success!

  2. One size doesn't fit all.

    I'll write your paper but you won't like the grade you get ;P

  3. Glad you get to start eating soon! I think you have to do what works for you. We are all different. I'm the same though, I don't lose if I eat too few calories.

  4. I have been struggling to get enough calories, but it has gotten a little better now that I am on soft. I have seen the results on the weight loss. I agree with you and I think it has been proven over and over again, you need to eat enough for your body in order to lose.

  5. First of all in the beginning, especially before your first fill, and when you are eating soft and regular foods then 1200 calories is just fine! There will be times when you are at a good fill level and you will eat 1200 calories...There will be days then you struggle to eat 800.

    Just grin at your mom and let her know you love her. Then do it your way!