Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Muuuunday!

Prompt for the day... Have you faced fears and overcome them?

Yes I have... but not very many of them. The fear that I did overcome was my fear of heights... I overcame that by zip lining through Costa Rica, and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. (will never do that again)

I have a fear of spiders, but that is because I am deathly allergic to them.

I also have a fear of dying alone... Like never being married etc. I am sure that will change one day but for now its still a fear.

So here is my weekend recap, I think my band heard me celebrate that I was down 20lbs...for after that post I was able to eat whatever I wanted to, and I did... The scale showed up 2.5 lbs this morning... Bad Jessica... Time to be perfect the rest of the week. My goal for next weekend is to be accountable cause this yo yo crap is what got me into this mess in the first place.

I also finished my paper in a record time of 4 hours... God that scares me, since I did the research at the same time. God I really hope the paper doesn't suck!!

I have a busy month ahead of me... Lots of deadlines at work, my boyfriend will be here in 9 days, Thanksgiving and finals... I can not wait until December, when I can finally just sit back relax and enjoy myself.

I took my roommates boyfriend to the airport this morning...Getting up at 5 am makes me a tired cranky girl today :(


  1. Eek, why did you take him, isn't that the girlfriends' job? lol

    Also, get back on plan so you can boast 20 lbs down by your first fill, woman!

  2. You cannot deviate from the Band Diet while you are losing, that is not commitment. I do not mean to sound harsh, just saying......:)