Thursday, June 16, 2011

Less than a week!

Less than a week until my consultation!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait!!

Wednesday can not get here fast enough.


  1. It's gonna go by SO fast once the ball gets rolling. Be sure to take tons of pictures and do measurements!

  2. it seems so slow now but when I look back I am amazed at how quick it was! Listen to Ronnie. take measurments...I didn't and regret it!

  3. Seriously - I agree with the ladies above. Get some measurements and take them at least once per month. Also get some good before pictures, in a bathing suit or sports bra and shorts. Even if you never show them to anyone, you have to see how far you've come on the slow loss weeks when it feels like you did everything right, but the scale says you only lost .5 :) Best of luck!