Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Consultation Day!

Just got home from my consultation with my doctor for the lap band, I absolutely loved him! I definitely feel comfortable using him for the surgery.
I like the fact that he gives you his cell phone number as well as his nurse’s cell phone number to call if there is any problems post surgery since the procedure is outpatient.
He also told me I was the only patient that actually asked for a specific band before… luckily he offers both and I will get the Allegran lap band that I want.
There are however two things that concerned me…
I asked him what he thought my ideal goal weight should be, he said that was up to me and my body… but told me that the average lap band patients only lose 60 percent of their excess body weight. So that would put me around 190-200 lbs. Has anyone heard this before? Everyone that I know that has had this procedure done has lost 80-100 percent of their excess body weight.
Also while in the waiting room, I met a girl that had the procedure done in January and she has only lost 17lbs and goes in every month for fills… HELLO! Something is definitely wrong there.
So hopefully if all goes right in the savings department I should have the Lap Band done  around the 15th of October!!
Now it’s time to start changing my habits. First thing I have to change is my lovely smoking addiction! This is going to be hard… but well worth it!


  1. My Dr said 50% of excess weight is typical. My thoughts are, if all my favorite bloggers can get to their goal weight, I can too! And so can YOU!

    Glad you like your surgeon, it's so important.

  2. I am getting the band a week from tomorrow (insert nerves here), the girl in the waiting room is freaking me out a little.

  3. I feel ya... the girl in the waiting room freaked me out too!

    Good luck on your upcoming surgery!!!!!

  4. The girl in the waiting room is eating around the band, plain and simple! Don't let people like her scare you! I know a girl who got the band in January and has only lost 7 lbs, but she used to check in with me alot and the only thing she was eating was pizza, etc. And drinking every night - HEAVILY. So it's not the band's fault.

    Glad the consultation went well! :)

    Sorry for the rant! It just frustrates me when people blame the band for them not losing weight. It's JUST a tool, if you're not losing weight you have to do something yourself, not rely solely on the band. It can only do about 40% of the work.

  5. Keep in mind that when they give you a figure like that they are counting everyone...there are always people who the band doesn't work for. But if you are determined and work hard then this tool will work for you!

    My people told me that the band works best for women..even better for women who are younger..they do the work to make it work. You experience will be yours alone. Best thing I did was learn not to compare.