Friday, June 10, 2011


Thanks for the info!!!

Is anyone else having a problem posting a comment?? It is really pissing me off. Been trying for like 10 mins.

My moms lap band journey... was a little different then most so she isnt the best person for advice. She didnt exercise at all... eats poorly.... and has only had 2 fills in 4 years... the second fill was actually too much for her and she had to have an unfill. When we went to the info session the doctor was shocked.

How often do you guys get fills? and how do you know when to get them?


  1. To comment - try signing into blogger and unclicking the "stay signed in" button...happy to be a follower. Cat sent me!

  2. Oh, another thing- start looking at the people your followers are following! It helps you find a network of people, even if they don't follow you back, you'll fill up your "blogs I follow" page. Also a suggestion, follow the ladies that I sent over, they post often and are awesome!

    As for fills, I have only had one and my doctor scheduled the appointment. You will likely need your first fill, as you may hit a time we not so affectionately refer to as "bandster hell" it's a time about 3 weeks post op that your tummy is getting all nice and healed and your hunger begins to return. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it is common. It's the "dieting" phase where you really will want to weigh and measure everything to make sure you are only eating what you're supposed to. You'll also likely need a mid morning and mid afternoon protein snack (think about 100 calories) to get you through to lunch, then dinner.

    It's an exciting time and you'll do great!

  3. Cat sent me. :)

    You need a fill when you can eat more than 1 cup of food at a time, get hungry too often (optimal time between meals is 4-5 hours), and stop losing or gain weight.

  4. Cat sent me too, and I am new to Cat's blog as well. When I first started band blogging, I would follow everyone's blog that I came across so that I could refer back. It is a fun way to get to know new bloggers, and as Cat said: you'll probably find some favorites (who post more often) to follow and cheer on and ask questions of and commiserate!!
    Welcome to the bandster online community!

  5. Umm...right after surgery, when I was able to have fills I had them every two weeks. My doctor and PA are pretty aggressive in getting this "tool" working for me. My understanding is that my doctor is not like all! Now that I have restriction but I am still 6 months out of surgery I have a fill maybe once a month..I guage it on my weight loss. I am slower then a lot but completly happy!

    Blogger is driving me batty!