Friday, June 10, 2011

Lap Band Here I Come...

I have struggled with my weight my entire life… I feel like I have lost the same 50-100 lbs at least 10 times. I have tried everything from weight watchers to a low calorie Doctor supervised diet… and nothing has worked for me for the Long term. My highest weight was a few years ago at 275 and in December 2009 I reached an all time low of 190. Unfortunately I am now around 260.
4 years ago my mother got the Lap Band done… she has lost 123 lbs and has kept it off. She told me a long time ago, that if she was successful at it, she wanted me to get it done. I never thought the day would come where it would be my turn… About two years ago, we tried to get financed for it, but unfortunately we were declined… So I forgot about it, and figured the only way it would happen is if I lose the weight myself.

On Easter Sunday, my mom told me that she promised that  I would have it done by my 31st birthday… and that she has been saving for it… I had no idea she had been doing this.

I went to an informational session last week… and I am very excited. I decided to switch doctors though, as I was not comfortable with my moms surgeon.  The doctor I decided to go with is actually the doctor that taught my mom’s doctor how to do the procedure.

My consultation is June 22nd and I am planning to have the surgery the first or second week of October. Wish I could have it done sooner… but with my crazy work schedule, that is the only time I can have it done.

My doctor wants me to do the outpatient surgery… since I am young and relatively healthy… but I am not exactly sure how I feel about that.

Any thoughts, suggestions or advice… on your journey?


  1. I had my lapband surgery in Mexico and I was kept overnight. That is the deal in Mexico. Here in the States, its a mixed bag, some docs do it as outpatient and others keep you in over-night. its great that you have your mama to go through this with. That is wonderful that she was able to help you financially! Good luck to you and I look forward to following you on your journey!

  2. Hi Jessica. I was banded on March 16, 2011. I was in the hospital for what they call 23 hour observation. I was fine to go home the next day. As Jacquie above me said, it's probably different for everyone.

    You probably have a ton of good information from your mom having the surgery and such success.

    Oh, look for more Bloggers to come follow you. I'm gonna shout out to you on my blog! : )

  3. Hiya Jessica, Cat sent me by! I was banded on dec 13th of 2010. So six months ago. I was out patient and ended up staying in a hotel due to a snow storm. Although it was rougher then I expected i totally preferred outpatient. You will do wonderfully. I am thrilled with how it is going for me. My high was 250 and I am at 201 today. It is going slowly but I didn't gain all this weight over night and am happy to be losing at the rate I am. Looking forward to epgetting to know you. Blog world has been such a great support system for me!

  4. Hey Jessica, Cat sent me by as well! I had my surgery in December 2010, had it done as an outpatient, and it wasn't too bad. It's always better to be home sooner rather than later for all the comforts, in my opinion. (Obviously, that's up to you and your surgeon.)

    Can't wait to follow your journey! Glad you chose to make a blog, it's been super helpful for mine, and I know a ton of other people who feel the same way. :)