Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

  1. I am so glad that deadlines are over at work… at least until June so I have time to breathe!
  2. The budget cuts in the school system are really upsetting me. I was supposed to graduate this semester, but due to budget cuts I had to wait until the summer to graduate. However, the one and only class I need to graduate is full…. I really hope there is a way to get into my last class.
  3. I can not believe the semester is almost over. Finals start in 20 days!
  4. World War 3 is currently happening in my house. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of a bad reality show!
  5. I lost 2 lbs this week!! WOO HOO! Feels good for the scale to be moving in the right direction after it stalling out for so long! I might actually reach my goal I set for myself.
  6. I am really looking forward to Easter dinner at my mom’s house. It has been a while since she has hosted a holiday dinner.
  7. My neck is starting to feel better from the car accident. This means I am totally going to the gym tonight!
  8. I went out last night to blow off some steam… Although I had a really good time. I am super tired this morning L
  9. I have a 20 page paper due in less than 2 weeks and I haven’t even started it… god I am a slacker.
  10. Things are finally starting to be really good with my boyfriend. I think the adjustment period of moving in together is finally over!! Apartment hunting on the other hand is not fun… we can’t seem to agree on where we want to move!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. glad your neck is doing better.

  2. I'm glad you two are coming together! It's sad that it's on the cusp of (or maybe because of) the roommate drama, but either way. :)

    Great job on your two pounds lost!