Monday, March 26, 2012

Make a list Monday!!

We all have this secret dream……. What are the first ten things I would do if I WON THE LOTTERY?  Admit it, you think about it, even if you don’t play.  Let’s make it a fun amount too since this is all make believe anyway.

List the first ten things you would do if you cashed in a winning lottery ticket for $200,000,000.00 (after taxes).

  1. I would pay off all of my debt… and finally be rid of my student loans.
  2. I would also pay off all of my mom’s debt, so she wouldn’t have to worry.
  3. Buy my boyfriend a car… lord knows he needs one.
  4. I would also buy my dream car… Mustang Shelby here I come!
  5. I would quit my job and travel. First place I would go to is Italy and Greece.
  6. I think I would get my masters degree… I said I would do it if I could pay cash for it.
  7. Also I would put my boyfriend through culinary school. He is an amazing cook, but could never afford to go.
  8. Invest some money for the future and for my future children.
  9. Hire a personal trainer to whip my ass into shape.
  10. Donate some money to charity.


  1. I would totally get a personal trainer...dang it they are so expensive!

  2. Great list! The personal trainer is a good idea.

  3. Stop buying your boyfriend things!! LOL

  4. It sounds as if you have thought about this ;-)
    Love the list.