Monday, April 23, 2012

Need some advice...especially if you are a CPA!

I am currently working on my Accounting degree... I have one more class and then I am done!! WOO HOOO!

My goal after graduation was to get my CPA license. In the state of Florida in order to get your CPA license you need 150 hours of schooling which I will have when I am done and 1year experience working under a a licensed CPA. After you take and pass the test you have 3 years to complete those requirements.

I started my current job in order to get my experience. I have been here for 15 months. However, I recently found out that your year does not begin until you are eligible to sit for the exam... which I was not able to sit until this past December. So I only have 4 months of the 12 months of experience I need.

Well if you read my blog... you know I absolutely hate my job... I was not meant to be an Auditor for the rest of my life. Headhunters keep calling me with all of these amazing job offers doing what I know best. Property Accounting. The problem is that none of these companies have a CPA working for them.

So do I work at my current job for 8 more months of complete misery... Or do I take another job... and figure out later when I can get the rest of my experience?

I was hoping the next job I take would be my last job... or at least somewhere I can stay for a long time...

Any suggestions? I am having a really hard time with this decision and I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Ok, you asked for's my .02 as a CPA...clearly, your goal is to be a CPA and we both know that it isn't easy. So far, you are doing everything righ...taking the right classes to both graduate and prepare you for the exam and getting a job working for a CPA so you can already work towards meeting the experience requirement.

    I don't think you should interview for jobs where there is not a CPA working there - what if you end up absolutely loving the job and are then faced with the delima of either letting your dreams to be a CPA go or leaving a job you love just because you need the experience working for a CPA?

    You're clearly miserable at your job so why not contact these head hunters and tell them that you are interested in any potential openings but because you are interested in being certified you are only looking for positions where you will be working for a CPA. As a head hunter (especcially if they place accountants) they will understand that and should be willing to work with you to find the right posiiton.

    Again, just my .02. If you'd like to talk about it further, let me know...I would be happy to email you my cell phone number...