Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

  1. I recently turned in a 12 page paper about pension plans. It was the worst paper I have ever written in my entire life… Somehow I got an A. I am thinking my professor did not read it. Thank god!
  2. Yesterday was my last class for the semester… Next week is finals time!! So happy to have a break.
  3. My lease is up in 6 weeks… and I am freaked out that I have not found a place yet.
  4. I was recently awarded a scholarship for Graduate School… I really do not know what to do. I do not think I can handle another year and a half of school. I am so burnt out.
  5. So I thought work was going to mellow out after 1st quarter deadlines… ,man I was wrong. I think one of my supervisors is out to get me. She loves to pick on me.
  6. What ado you do when your boyfriend does not like one of your friends? Someone who has been your friend for 9 years. Do you hang out with them anyway? Or what? This has never happened to me before so I feel quite weird about it.
  7. My weight loss is completely stalled out this week… and its really frustrating. Funny how when you eat well the scale does not want to budge.
  8. I really need a vacation… any ideas on where to go?
  9. The older I get the grayer my hair is getting… pretty bad when I am 31 and my hair is growing in white… ACK! Can not wait to get my hair done next week. Will post poctures!
  10. Happy Thursday!! Time to get back to work!


  1. My husband HATES my friends from high school so we just avoid couple things and I hang out with them without him. It's worked OK for us but it becomes pretty obvious when you keep making excuses as to why he won't go somewhere. But forcing him to hang out with them won't work out well.

  2. My hair is almost completely white and I'm 31 too. Thank God for hair color!

  3. It's a tough one. My ex really didn't like my best friend on the grounds that he didn't think she treated me very well or was a particularly good friend to me. It wasn't until I made him talk to me about it that I understood his reactions to her and we could find a compromise to make it work. Turns out he was right though because she has been total **** since my Mum has been sick but then he has been pretty **** himself too. xx

  4. BOOBS 3.0 is where you should go!

    Congrats on grad school that is so cool!

    Keep up the work you have been doing just stay the course and follow the band rules and you will be ok!

  5. Congrats on the grad school scholarship! Whether you decide to go or not, that is an awsome accomplishment.