Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3rd Successful fill...

Well I ended up getting my third fill. I got another CC for a total of 5 CC in my 10 CC lap band.

I was a little scared for the doctor to go that aggressive since the last time I was at 5CC I could not eat for a week.

But so far so good.

So we shall see!


  1. Hope this fill goes well for you :o)

  2. I hope it stays all good for you!

  3. I understand why you were scared but sometimes the band wants to go up in smaller intervals. The 2 ml you went up before may have been just a bit to much for it. You get a bit of swelling and then nothing is going down, you get sick and the swelling gets worse.

    Fingers crossed it works well this time. xx

  4. Wooohooo for a good fill experience this time! :)