Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend recap

All weekend was a torrential down pour in South Florida... So Friday night, a few of my friends came over and we had game night at my place. We played clue, monopoly, life, and uno and had a great time. By the way I kicked some major ass at monopoly... woo hoo!

Saturday I had to work all day... bah humbug and then went bowling at night... had a good time. I recently bought my own bowling ball...and I am finally starting to have a more consistent game, however its nothing to write home about.

Sunday, I woke up early cooked my man a nice birthday breakfast of french toast, sausage and eggs. Watched a movie and cuddled and then took him out to dinner with about 8 other friends. It was really nice, except the weather completely sucked. We managed to have a good time anyway.

Monday Morning was my interview. I think it went really well. The company seems amazing. The guy that interviewed me was really nice too. Seems right up my alley... God I hope they call me back. I would get a big fat raise, still get my CPA license, work back in Real Estate and not have to be an auditor.... so cross your fingers for me.

On the weight loss front... I have not lost or gained any weight since I moved into the new place. I am starting to work out this week, so thats a good thing...trying to debate on if I should get a fill or not. I am hungry more often then before. However, I am still getting stuck a lot. So I cant decide if its a good idea or not.

Hope everyone is having a good week :)


  1. I would log my food...when you move in with a new boyfriend its easy to fall into that trap of eating what they eat and its usually not good and wayyyy to much food.

  2. I would say no fill if you're getting stuck often, unless you reflect and find that it's user error because you're: not chewing well enough, taking too big o' bites, or eating too quickly.

    If it's any of those: bring it on down, lady!