Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So tired of this place...

So i grew a pair of balls and gave notice. It went better than I expected... I did feel rather bad though cause in the past month 1 person got fired, 1 person left to go back to school, 1 person walked out, 1 person is leaving at the end of July to relocated and now I am leaving in 2 weeks too... oh well felt like I was kicking her while she was down.

Anyway... I asked my boss to let me break the news to my friend Jennifer, who is one of my bosses, who actually got me the job here. I wanted to explain to her my reason for leaving. She is out of the office today cause she is jury duty. I texted her and asked her to call me when she was done...she texted me back I already know.

WTF? Thank you for letting me tell her my damn self. GOD I hate this place... if it wasnt such a straight up gossip mill or the boss playing favorites then maybe you wouldnt have so many employees leaving. The mangers have been here for years... but the auditor position seems to be a revolving door.
I swear if I lose a friendship over this I am going to be very upset.


  1. ahh that sucks but it sounds par for the course at that place...You needed to get out of there you were miserable----this new job will be a fresh start for you!

  2. I'm sure you won't... it's not anyone's fault that you're evolving past the place. She should understand and want better for you. If not... fuck iiiit.