Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

  1. I am starting to get sick... and I really hope its not strep since two people in my office recently had it...
  2. My first exam is on super bowl Sunday... WTF is that!! Online classes normally give you a whole week to take the test.. not tell you an exact date.
  3. Work is really boring as I waiting for Audit boxes to come in... I really hope they come in today since I am going to be slammed once to they do come in.
  4. I start my CPA exam review in July... I can not believe how expensive it is to become a CPA.
  5. My boyfriend is officially moving in this month!! Life should get interesting!
  6. I am excited that my taxes are already filed, but my return is spent before I get it.
  7. I really need to work out more... I do not know why I haven't been able to get into the groove of things.
  8. I really think the FL BOOBS should meet up like the  Texas BOOBS do!
  9. I told my boss we should have a bowling night... I meant one night of fun with everyone in the office. She is big on team building. Hence the company cruise, picnic and various other things together. Now she is looking into a bowling league... Oh lord what did I do. I do not have time for a league and since it was my idea I feel obligated to join.
  10. I really wish I was in bed right now... this sore throat, stuffy nose and cough is killing me :( I have a hot date with my bed tonight!!
Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


  1. Good luck with your CPA review class. Which one are you taking? I took Becker and although mind-numbing at times it was worth both the time and the money...I passed all parts in my first sitting! If you do what they tell you to do, it really works!!

  2. LOL, good luck with your exam!

  3. Good luck with your exam.

    I think the Florida BOOBS should meet up to coincide with me next trip to Florida.