Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharp Pain?

Has anyone else experienced a sharp pain in the middle of there stomach?

How long did it last? Was it anything serious?

Twice today I have had this sharp shooting pain, to the right of my port dead center in the middle of my stomach. It feels like someone is quickly stabbing me and then the pain goes away... but it has me freaked the hell out.

Waiting for my doc to call back but was just wondering if anyone else had this around 4 months post op and if you got it checked out what did it end up being?


  1. May be a gallbladder issue. Is it right below the sternum, like along the bra line or lower? The bra line is a gall bladder thing, usually. Hope it's nothing serious. Hang in there!

  2. I hope you find out what it is, I agree this could be gallbladder, I lost mine one year after being banded. It is quite common to lose it after bariatric surgery my surgeon told me.

  3. I had terrible pains about 2 months after surgery, like I was being stabbed and then I realised it was when I was slouching. I don't know if I was pulling something or it was digging in but it is definately better now I make a conscious effort to sit properly. xx

  4. *shrug* I already told ya, I had some port pains for a while... but I think it's pretty normal.