Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Working out and speeding tickets.

What a day yesterday... I realized that I forgot to go to driving school for the accident I had in March... I missed driving school by 1 day. So I called the clerk of the court... they told me that my license was already being processed for suspension. In order to avoid it I had to pay $41 dollars and I could no longer go to driving school, so I was going to get 4 points on my licnese. Bah humbug.. I have never had points on my license.

Later that evening, I went to the gym and had my personal fitness evaluation with my trainer... boy am I out of shape. Good news is I love my new trainer... I have a feeling he is going to whip my booty in shape. They gave me a list of foods. Off that list I had to pick 20 of my favorite things. So they are going to make a meal plan for me, and I have a fitness evaluation once a month. After the evaluation I went and did 35 minutes of cardio... man did it feel good to be working out again. My next session is on July 4th... that will be when he really works me out... I think this is going to be really good for me, accountability is exactly what I need.

So this morning I was running late to work, and I completely forgot about the speed trap I pass every single day. Well they got me this morning. I was so upset especially after yesterday's events of the other ticket.
Since I elected to go to driving school, even though I didnt go for the other ticket. I am not able to attend driving school for this ticket. So I either have to take my chance in court or get more points on my license.
God I feel like such an idiot today.


  1. yikes! Hopefully your insurance doesn't find out!

  2. You need to get it together, lady! lol jk jk.

    I just e-mailed you the info for keto. Meant to tell ya: it's not a meal plan, just way of eating... there are a few recipes included, though.