Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shopping NSV

So my mom and I went shopping today to finish getting new stuff for my new job... Start Monday!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I am happy to report I am no longer a plus size woman... all the clothes I bought were XL tops and a size 16 regular (14W in plus)!!

I also bought a pair of super cute heels for work, I never wear heels and they were super comfy!! I was shocked to notice that my foot shrunk too!! I am now an 8.5 instead of a 9.

Normally when I go shopping I come home with one top that I think is just ok.

This time I actually bought 7 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes!! Go me!!!


  1. WOOHOO! I love that feeling. Get ready to want to go shopping... ALOT.

  2. Woo Hoo! Thats awesome! Yes - they don't tell you that shopping is a side effect ...I have to stay the hell out of the stores or I get into trouble...

  3. right on, maybe I will eventually like this shopping thing!