Monday, December 19, 2011

Too tight and still annoyed.

So I got my second fill on Thurs... The nurse was really agressive and gave me 2cc for a total of 5cc in my band... things were going perfectly until Sunday morning. I had two scrabbled eggs and a peice of turkey bacon. I did not realize I should have still been on mushies and should not have eaten the bacon. I proceeded to then puke up breakfast... had a shake for lunch and then puked up dinner too... Oh what fun...I called this morning and asked for an unfill since I could not eat anything. But she told me she wanted me to take liquid benadryl tonight before bed, and tomorrow before bed and if I was still having problems then she would do an unfill. Luckily I have not had an eposide since this morning... but I really hope I am able to eat more than soup or a protein shake tomorrow... god this sucks. I went from no restriction to way too much in the matter of 4 weeks. Whats even worse is that the scale is not moving, because I am not getting enough calories in and for some reason when that happens my body fights with me... Oh well. Wish me luck.

So my birthday is New Years Eve... and my friends are taking me out to a fancy place for dinner... (If i can eat by then) and then we are going to see a friends band play. Nothing I own fits me... so I have been looking for something dressy to wear since this past weekened. Tonight I went to Avenue, TJ Max, Marshalls, Kohls, Dots, Lane Bryant and Macys and I could not find one damn thing to wear. I did find one top that looked ok, but it was 90 dollars and I am not spending that much money for one damn shirt. So I am a little frustrated at the moment.... I have never ever had a problem finding something to wear. Now that I am loosing weight I can not find a freaking thing to wear you have to be kidding me. The dress I tried on that needs the next size they are out of, and I can not order it online anymore... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I found another dress online but I am scared to order it as it might not fit me cause in some things I am an 18 and others a 20. So at this point I have decided I am going topless on New Years... Go me. OK I am done with my pitty party.

On another note if anyone has a cute dressy top or a dress that is an 18/20 I will love your forever and you will save me from my misery.


  1. Been there ! had no restriction, got filled, couldn't eat ANYTHING and then got an unfill. Now I'm scheduled for another fill - 1/2 of the previous fill. Keeping my fingers crossed !

  2. I have dresses for you but have no idea how to get it to you at this point. Any chance you'd want to stop by my office on Wednesday or Thursday evening?

  3. I wish I had some outfits for you, but I got rid of everything over a L and a size 14 for good at BOOBs.

    I bet Steph'll have something good for ya. :)