Saturday, July 30, 2011

74 days and counting!

74 days and counting until my surgery! I am very excited. My surgery date was offically set for October 14th!

At the end of September, I get the lovely pleasure of taking a stress test, and getting the pre op stuff and I am good to go!

I have a mix of emotions going on at the moment... from happiness to being scared! I have never put myself first... it has always been work, or school, or a boyfriend, or my family. I am really looking foward to putting myself on the front burner and to work on me... everything is comes second now!


  1. Score! Let the countdown begin! :)

  2. Don't get to nervous!! You will be fine and you will do great!!

  3. It's time you do something for you!! So excited for you.

  4. It is such a liberating feeling to do something just for yourself, Enjoy!! You will do fine...